Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts Keys

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows – Windows 10 keyboard shortcut

Here are some popular windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts which are combination of two more more key. These windows 10 keyboard shortcut will help you in day to day windows activities – 
Windows KeyAction
Windows Key + RightSnap current window the the right side of the screen.
Windows Key + Up Snap current window to the top of the screen
Windows Key + DownSnap current window to the bottom of the screen.
Windows Key + TabThis opens the new Task View interface, and it stays open
Alt + TabLets you switch between your open Windows
Windows key + AOpen the Action Center
Windows key + CLaunch Cortana in listening mode (for voice commands)
Windows key + IOpen the Settings app
Windows key + SLaunch Cortana
Windows key + Ctrl + DCreate a new virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + F4Close the current desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + left or right arrowswitch between virtual desktops
Windows Key + LeftSnap current window to the left side of the screen
Windows + HShare content (if supported by current app)
Windows + KConnect to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + XOpen Start button context menu
Windows + GOpens the Windows 10 Game Bar
Windows + DShow Windows desktop
Windows + EOpen Windows Explorer
Windows + LLock your Windows 10 device
Windows + SpaceSwitch keyboard input language
Windows + Shift + [Left][Right]Move current Window from one monitor to another
Windows + [1][2][3][…]Open programs that are pinned to task bar
Alt + SpaceRestore, move, size, minimize, maximize or close current window. Also works like a charm for Windows 10 modern apps.

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